Saturday, April 16, 2011

All kinds of strange soft apocalyptic stories have been coming my way in the last few days  including two free chapters of "Soft Apocalypse ", a novella called Space Junque,  and an illustrated  book free on the kindle .  Our thoughts  collectively do create /influence reality  and the reality streams we ride on. The current economy  political and cultural upheaval  and my own families financial, health and  other issues are such that they might draw my thoughts and attention to such stories.  Other people tell me that  have visions of overturned cars and   wandering mobs of scavengers  etc. That is not the  future we would ever wish to create and so far these events have not happened.  Why is it usually easier to picture unhappy outcomes , disaster and unease  than it is to clearly visualize positive , joyous ones?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Muy Muzzy

It does not look like I am ever going to be much of a blogger. I used to write for about two hours a day but have been inactive for most of the past decade. I've been working lately on refreshing my energy work and  crystal healing and other personal spiritual and artistic activities . I am way too addicted to Farmville.     I had perhaps reached the point where my meditation and other practices had become  habitual but seem to be returning to more  awake and awareness at least lifting from the fog of habit to notice it more often.
we had a rather cold Winter and Spring  here in the Los Angeles suburb , for the area anyway and I was hibernating  now  with Spring everyone does seem to be waking up