Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yesterday we sold our ten year old  car for scrap, the engine had blown out .We need an amazing manifestation to get another car of any kind . so far we have squeezed out about 300 bucks a car that runs at all starts around 3000 so we have  a leetle gap. We live in Los Angeles County so  the public transportation is amazingly bad.
The girls college is about 16 miles away up Valley View  in a straight shot but in order to get there by bus it takes three buses  in two different county bus systems  and over 2 and a half hour and almost 4 dollars(3.90). one way. Strangely I feel optimistic about this situation

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

starting over

I have not been by here for a very long time . the last two years have been rather a fog of prescription medicine side effects ( for High blood pressure) and various family issues but hear I am feeling more awake than I have for a long time . whether I will begin to write again and about what if I do in as yet unknown.